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If you have access, we strongly recommend Tegus' latest expert interview on $SMR. Very critical on delivery time, lack of engineering practices, and costs.

BREAKING: NuScale Power (NYSE: $SMR), a developer of small modular reactors, is facing increased scrutiny from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

"The NRC staff is unable to find evidence to conclude that the applicant implemented a risk-informed process," the agency said

The @NRCgov staff reviewing the @NuScale_Power 460 MWe standard design approval application "is unable to find evidence to conclude that the applicants implemented a risk-informed process for [structures, systems, and components] classification."

Every two years, Bloomberg is checking the extinction status of short sellers. Same outlook as the dodo or the woolly mammoth. Last time, they did that, it preceded a period of record profit.


That first fact - no one wants the old model - became clear in 2023 as $SMR failed to gain any credible new customers beyond its Utah pilot program and then the Utah pilot customer cancelled.

And it dooms $SMR as a business. Here's why: